Ortabayır Mah. Çeşmebaşı Sok. No: 6/1
Gültepe / Kağıthane / İstanbul
09:00 - 18:00
+90 532 787 67 59

Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Müşteri ATV
Lokasyon Trabzon
Kapsam Set, Grip, Efekt
Süre 2018 - 2019

Referans Detayı

Nefes was only 16 years old when she was sold to an abusive man, Vedat Sayar, under the name of marriage. Nefes had a tough life and had been locked up in house, tortured for 8 years long. In her 25th attempt, Nefes manages to escape from the “living hell” with her 7 years old son. Her escape was a complete coincidence that happened during a visit of a family from The Black Sea region. Their son, Tahir, who didn’t know Nefes and her son are hiding in his car trunk, discovers that when he arrives to his home country, Trabzon, that is 562 miles away. As a man born and raised in the Black Sea Region, Tahir is ready to give his life for any person treated unjustly. Tahir sacrifices himself to save Nefes and her son. While doing so, he faces many challenges including exposing himself and his family to the threat of Nefes’ now ex-husband, who was also known as her abuser, Vedat, as well as the rejection of his family and his country to Nefes; as protecting a married woman is considered “against traditions”