Ortabayır Mah. Çeşmebaşı Sok. No: 6/1
Gültepe / Kağıthane / İstanbul
09:00 - 18:00
+90 532 787 67 59

İyi Oyun (Good Game)

Müşteri Eludis
Lokasyon İstanbul
Kapsam Set, Grip, Efekt
Süre 2018
Yapımcı Eludis

Referans Detayı

Cenk is a recent high school graduate and extremely skilled video gamer. He works part-time at a gaming house to support his single mother and sister. He also plays the famous video game ‘League of Legends’ as a booster (player for other people) to make some extra money. One day, Ada, manager of a newly formed pro-e-sport team “The Odd Five,” discovers him and proposes him a spot. Cenk decides to join the team owned by a former pro gamer Ruzgar and embarks on a journey in the professional gaming world. He will face tough challenges and adventures to play in the season tournament finals with his teammates Batu, Naz, JJ, Aslan, and their mysterious coach Ozer.