Ortabayır Mah. Çeşmebaşı Sok. No: 6/1
Gültepe / Kağıthane / İstanbul
09:00 - 18:00
+90 532 787 67 59


Lokasyon İstanbul
Kapsam Set, Grip, Efekt
Süre 2015

Referans Detayı

We have entered a new era…The Antichrist, whose coming has been announced for centuries, is now born. Humankind is meant to be thrown in a vortex of fear and despair. While seeds are being planted somewhere in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, all prophecies are coming true. Evil will spread like a virus throughout the World. Satan will find a body in which to incarnate and prepare to reign of terror at the head of an army of Devils. DECCAL is the first of a trilogy meant to represent the pure essence of evil.